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Friday, 18 March 2011


Thank goodness the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1973/2011 last night empowering measures short of troops on the ground to protect Libyan civilians.

Now let's hope that there's prompt action from the air and sea to stop the murdering Ghadaffi in his tracks.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Heavy Spam!

Well now I've seen it all. I had a junk e-mail come through for cheap Fork Lift Trucks!

What's that all about? Either it's the world's worst spam or I really should go easy on the biscuits!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


It's a few years since I last visited Tunisia; went for a revision break as I had exams in January 2007 and needed some space and peace to revise in.

The hotel I was in was okay, the one next door looked as if its last guest was Rommel!

The lack of tourists because of the coup will obviously hurt the Tunisian economy pretty hard, so hopefully they can make a swift transition to democracy.

What is also to be hoped is that there is no more unnecessary loss of life; there's been enough killing already.

Traffic Calming...

I hope the council don't spend another penny on speed bumps and the like - there are that many holes in the road they don't need to!

The worst ones are the ones that you can't see when it's raining because they've filled with water - just have to count your fillings when you get home!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Train fares up, first attempt to use this one year cancelled!

I was planning on going into Birmingham today on the train. However London Midland decided to cancel the thing.  Nothing so convenient as a replacement bus service, so this afternoon's trip is off.

Remind me again why they need inflation busting increases? Oh yes, must have been to pay for the "public art" sculpture that appeared on Bloxwich North station before Christmas. They closed the road one night, bought in a massive crane and installed it. 

It makes me feel so much better about waiting for cancelled services admiring such artwork...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 off to a reasonable start

I had a great New Year's Day this year. I avoided making any predictions, or any resolutions, so at least this year I can't get them wrong...

Took Mom to see Yes, Prime Minister at the Geilgud Theatre. It was an absolute hoot.  It's only on until 15th January, but if you get the chance to see it, grab it with both hands!

Pleased to report that I've re-established contact with a few old friends from the 80s and 90s over the festive season, which is always a nice thing to do.  We are all, of course, slimmer, fitter, better looking with the passage of time...

Had a brisk six mile walk this afternoon, so now I'm as stiff as a floorboard. However it will contribute at least to a small extent to a dimunition of girth, and help towards avoiding the embarassment of "one at a time please!" from speak-your-weight machines...

Whatever this year brings, good bad or indifferent, I'm going to face it positively and make darned sure I get the level best out of every day. Life's too short not to.